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2. Submit a business profile

  • Create an informative profile to increase its visibility on this platform and to showcase what you’re looking for from the event.

  • Describe who you are, what you can offer or what you need from potential business partners, and what kind of contacts you wish to make.

  • A good profile generates significantly more meetings.

3. Find relevant participants

During the booking phase of the event you can find many business opportunities that interest you by browsing through the participants section.

Filter participants by:

  • Country
  • Organization type
  • Position in company
  • Company size
  • Solutions needed/offered

4. Send & receive meeting requests

  • Send meeting requests to the most promising business opportunities – be more active to maximize your time during the last 2 days of the event.

  • Send your invitations at least 2-3 weeks before the event, avoid leaving things for the last moment.

  • Meetings hours are displayed in the event time zone (UTC+1).

  • When sending a meeting request, explain why you wish to connect, in order to increase the chance that your request gets accepted.

  • Only the meeting requests that have been accepted by both parties will generate a meeting.

5. Receive your personalized schedule and attend your 1:1 meetings

Plan well and you will strongly increase your chances of having a productive and successful time at AD2S.

Basic information and tips

  • Each meeting lasts 30 minutes Note: you can extend or cut it short if the situation demands it.

  • These are business meetings, be on time and make sure you follow your schedule.

  • Be prepared for your meetings or sessions, so you can meet your goals and not waste anyone’s time.